Spring & Fall Leaf Clean Up

Why Should I Have My Leaves Cleaned?

Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape recommends that leaves be mulched as much as possible. With that said, we are in Michigan and there is an abundance of leaves and mulching isn't always possible. Although mulching leaves are a healthy and natural way of replenishing nutrients back into the soil and providing a healthier root system, it can also become harmful as well.

Cool season grasses require enough sunlight, nutrients, and water, and temperatures that are neither too cold nor too hot. Cool-season grasses such as Kentucky bluegrass revitalize themselves in fall. This is when they must "make hay," strengthening their root systems.

But a thick layer of fallen leaves can get in the way of the growth of these grasses. Why? Because, for one thing, the leaves can deprive the grass of one of the key elements just mentioned: sunlight. If not raked up at times, a thick or matted layer of fallen leaves casts too much shade over the grass below.

Why Should I Have My Leaves Cleaned?
  • Lawns, too, have to "breathe." If unshredded leaves are left on top, the lawn will be smothered in a thick layer over the winter.
  • A layer of leaves can invite pests and diseases and can cause serious problems like snow mold and brown patch.
  • A layer of leaves forms a barrier that blocks water, nutrients, and a healthy air flow from getting down to the root system of your grass.
  • If the leaves are matted down, they can even keep new grass blades from emerging next spring.

What's Included in a Spring or Fall Clean Up?

Spring and Fall Clean Up is important not just for your lawn, but also your landscape as well. Our Spring and Fall Clean Up service is based on the properties needs and what the customer would like for us to do. Some customers would like for us to clean up the leaves while they handle the trimming of any ornamental plants.
Other customers would prefer us to handle both the Leaf Clean Up and the ornamental trimming. Since Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape does not require a contract, we are more than happy to adjust the service to complete only the areas you would like for us to do. A typical Spring or Fall Leaf Clean Up consists of these options:
  • Clean Up and removal of leaves and debris from the lawn and landscape.
  • Trimming back any ornamental (perennial) plants.
  • Trimming shrubs.
What's Included in a Spring or Fall Clean Up?