Sod Installation

Our sodding services include sodding entire areas or repairing small areas. As with seeding, we will evaluate the area of concern to ensure that sodding is the right choice for the area. We use a Kentucky Bluegrass sod from one of the finest sod farms in the state of Michigan and with our experience we are able to provide this service at a reduced cost. Removal of old damaged sod is included in sodding services.
Here Are Five Reasons To Consider Installing A Sod Lawn:

Here Are Five Reasons To Consider Installing A Sod Lawn:

  1. Instantly Attractive
    You can avoid negatives that are attached with seeding lawns such as mudding and the unattractive look of your lawn as the grass slowly grows. Sod lawns are lush green and ready for your upcoming neighborhood event.
  2. Sod Lawns are Healthier Than Seeding Lawns
    As sod lawns are grown professionally, they are healthier than seeding lawns. Sod lawns are grown using the best soil, generous water, and proper cultural practices, having stronger roots than seeding lawns. Therefore, it proves to be a strong foundation, lasting for several years.
  3. The Cost of Sod lawn is Significantly Less
    They may seem quite expensive when you initially decide on making the investment. However, it may save you more than a seeding lawn. Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape can help you decide which is best for your property.
  4. More Dense
    Seeding lawns require reseeding as the grass eventually becomes dry or dies, leaving unattractive patches. With Sod lawns, there is no need to reseed, as the grass plants in sod lawns are sown close to each other.
  5. Soil erosion and weed control
    Because sod lawns are grown professionally on a fresh turf, there are no weeds that need to be taken care of. Furthermore, because sod lawns are dense, germination of weed seeds is minimized.