Shrub Planting, Trimming & Maintenance

Insect & Disease Control

"Pruning" and "Trimming" shrubs have their own beneficial purposes and are actually two different services. Often considered the same thing by many homeowners, Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape understands the difference, so no matter what you may call it, we can recommend and provide the correct service your shrubs need. When you are removing the dead, loose, or infected branches or stems from its respective plant, you are pruning. Trimming, on the other hand, occurs when you are cutting back overgrown plants.

Proper Growth

Just like yourself, plants need proper maintenance for adequate growth. Pruning and trimming shrubs improve the health and strength of a plant. Structurally pruning a young plant will benefit the plant the greatest in the long-run. It will require less corrective pruning as the plant matures and is more likely to have a healthier formation. If there is a loss in shape, the plant can weaken and not have the strength to support the entire plant. Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape can help provide the proper maintenance for your shrubs and small trees.

Insect & Disease Control

It takes special care when providing a shrub planting service. Each plant type has different requirements when planting. Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape has the experience and knowledge that will help your plants thrive in their new home, your landscape bed. Whether it be a small plant, a medium tree or a large shrub, our expertise will make sure the project is completed properly and leave the customer with the knowledge necessary to maintain the new plants once we are done with the project. You're never on your own with us.

Shrub Trimming

Not all shrubs are alike and require difference maintenance during different times of year. Not understanding this detail can have a detrimental effect on the health of the shrub. Which tree/shrub is ok to trim in the summer, and which tree/shrub MUST be trimmed while dormant in the winter. Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape provides a professional shrub trimming service that understands the important how trimming each tree/shrub properly. This includes both timing and tools required to perform the service.

Small Tree Trimming

Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape provides tree trimming to small trees to help the overall health and growth of the tree. Our knowledge and experience allows for us to be able to provide this service to trees that are up to 15 feet in height. Trimming your trees has many advantages that will greatly benefit the health of your tree, here are just a few small examples:

  • Removing dead branches (regardless of their size), will help allow the moisture and nutrients to be absorbed into the healthier branches quicker.

  • Removing rubbing branches (suckers) will help reduce stress to the branches by reducing open wounds on the branches that may lead to disease and damage.

  • Removing some branches from within the tree will help to allow air flow and sun light into the center of the tree which leads to healthier growth and a reduction in disease.

Small Tree Trimming
Contact Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape today for more information on trimming trees. If you are looking to have larger trees trimmed or removed from your property, we have partnered up with one of the best tree companies in the area and would be happy to refer you to them as they have the proper experience, equipment and expertise on larger tree care.