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Shrub Trimming, Shrub Planting, Shrub Removal and Shrub Maintenance for Residential, Commercial and Homeowners Associations

Shrub Trimming, Shrub Planting and Shrub Maintenance for Residential, Commercial and Homeowners Associations.


One of the most effective ways of clearing and preventing shrubs and small trees is proper pruning. If the insects on your property are not controlled, there can be serious concern that may effect the health of your shrubs and spread to your lawn. They can also spread diseases, weakening the plant and increasing the likelihood of falling branches. If the plants are too close to your home, the insects can also make their way into your home or invite other unwanted pests to nest inside it.

Insect and disease Control

"Pruning" and "Trimming" shrubs have their own beneficial purposes and are actually two different services. Often considered the same thing by many homeowners, Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape understands the difference, so no matter what you may call it, we can recommend and provide the correct service your shrubs need. When you are removing the dead, loose, or infected branches or stems from its respective plant, you are pruning. Trimming, on the other hand, occurs when you are cutting back overgrown plants.

Proper Growth

Just like yourself, plants need proper maintenance for adequate growth. Pruning and trimming shrubs improve the health and strength of a plant. Structurally pruning a young plant will benefit the plant the greatest in the long-run. It will require less corrective pruning as the plant matures and is more likely to have a healthier formation. If there is a loss in shape, the plant can weaken and not have the strength to support the entire plant. Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape can help provide the proper maintenance for your shrubs and small trees.

It takes special care when providing a shrub planting service. Each plant type has different requirements when planting. Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape has the experience and knowledge that will help your plants thrive in their new home, your landscape bed. Whether it be a small plant, a medium tree or a large shrub, our expertise will make sure the project is completed properly and leave the customer with the knowledge necessary to maintain the new plants once we are done with the project. You're never on your own with us.

Shrub Removal requires finesse and skills that if not done properly, can cause significant damage to the property. Root systems expand into home foundations, piping and wiring and other surfaces that could easily be damaged if a proper assessment of the property isn't done first. Hidden Talents Lawn and Landscape will use the proper tools for each job to ensure that the property is being cared for and every precaution is being taken while working on your property.